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Essentrics Aging Backwards 2

Find out how to exercise 650 muscles in your body for health and beauty. 




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What is Nutritarian Lifestyle?


Giving up unhealthy foods that you like, along with the difficulties of change, can derail your best intentions to establish a healthy diet and live the Nutritarian lifestyle. The key is to learn about the importance of a healthy diet and “practice” by eating healthy foods until you instinctually prefer them.  How? Dr. Fuhrman's weebsite explains it all! 


By the way, I am not affiliated with Dr. Fuhrman nor receiving any form of credit, or income.  My brother introduced me to his book "Eat to Live" to manage my blood pressure 7 plus years ago.  I also purchased and gave as gifts one of his cookbooks.


I hope you and your family and friends health and prosperity!





Plant Theraphy top 14 Essential Oil Set PURE 100% Essential Oils, Undiluted,  Therapeutic Grade 10ml each






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